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Family pic October 2015

Family pic October 2015
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Mother's Day 2014
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All Seven Flowers!

All Seven Flowers!
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My Award from Tracy

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My Award from Angie

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The Fam....
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My Inspiration
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Seven Flowers

I awoke one morning with this name on my mind. I knew God wanted me to use it for the title of this blog. I believe God clothes the flowers of the field in magnifigance yet He says how much more will He clothe us His children?

I have seen His hand on our family, yet I know we are only a part of the vast family of God. I myself cannot wait for heaven to find out all that HE has done in my fellow family of believers life. The WOW book contains true accounts of his miracles and intervention. I am blessed to be one of the editors of the 2nd edition.

I will update as the book is soon to be published as well as take any stories you would like to share.

I will edit and send you an updated copy of your story for your viewing and approval. The final selections for the book will be prayerfully considered.

In His Service,

Nicole Nolley

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I am a mother to four... soon to be five beautiful kids! Writing and journaling have always been a wonderful way for me to express how I feel. Thanks to my parents who have always encouraged me. I have a passion and heart for ministry and reaching the lost and am activily pursuing accounts, miracles and stories about God and how He connects with us in our human experience. Visit my WOW book page to learn more about this.

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Sunday, November 25, 2012

35 weeks

We got our maternity photos back! They were taken at 33 weeks and I am glad we did them then. I was just round enough! Our youngest Zoe was not in the best mood but her shenanigans proved to be cute in photo form as kids are so good at doing.

 My newest read.... A Kathryn Kulman book... It is regarding the Holy Spirit as a person..There are eleven messages from her radio show. She is still so relevant and enlightening today. She has such a daughters heart!

Exercise.....  I try to walk BEFORE dinner now before the need for resting kicks in.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

34 weeks....

                              34 WEEKS

How I am Feeling....

Feeling huge!...I tell myself I wont eat big meals...but I pick all day and when I sit with the fam at night I just keep ON eating.... like beans.... and things I know will give me gas....


at least I am keeping up on the four essential exercises..(according to Parents..The Daily Kick)

Cat yoga pose
Butterfly stretches

oh.... and lots of walking!

Things I still need to purchase......

I really need a belly belt and a new ace bandage for my leg and some nursing bras. We still have to buy and make the belly cast!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Spiritual Leader Progress

Mike and I had a date and we told each other what would be helpful to us both regarding switching roles. He wants and desires to be the spiritual leader, so to help in the transition, I volunteered to take over the finance department.

It was a family nite/date nite combined.

Rita's custard
 strawberry vanilla swirl on top....
choc. vanilla swirl on bottom...
coconut icee in middle!
like a dessert sandwich...

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Zoe and Toddler Tuesday Tales....

My daughter has been bitten by the Christmas Spirit bug...
It may have something to do with the fact that our Christmas
decor is already up.
Yep....I am that person...
(Zoe)...".I don't like chocolate...Josh like chocolate.... he will eat it!"
......(.me)" I got other flavors of cookies...sprinkles, oatmeal....... "
(Zoe)....."Ohhhhh yeeesssss...da sprinkles!"

(Zoe)......"Look I'm eating a snowman!......(grits and eggs)"
..(.me.)."Don't ya know ya should never eat yellow snow?'
(Zoe).."I know dat!"

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Not my usual Tuesday post...

I usually post about my Daughter on Tuesday, to keep up with her weekly shenanigans..
I usually have a lot to report...
I usually have a lot to be thankful for....
But today I am blogging about another child....
another child we do not think of often...
the forgotten child...
Compassion International is in Peru this week with a team of bloggers.
Shaun Groves and a handful of others are blogging nightly about their experience .
I encourage you to check out his thought envoking words regarding his meeting with
one of the speakers.
His story will make you stop...slow down...and count your blessings!
Hopefully asking yourself what you can do...
What is your part....

There are children waiting to be chosen.

Be blessed as you read!


Sunday, November 11, 2012

Liebster award

The Liebster Award

The Liebster award is for blogs that have 200 followers or less and lets us
little blogs grow into bigger blogs! 

 Without further discussion, here's my post about me,

Here are the rules:
Post 11 things about yourself
Answer the questions that have been posted by the people who gave you the award
Create 11 questions you want your nominees to answer
Pass this award on to a maximum of 11 blogs.
Let them know that you've given them the award!

I have been nominated by Angie at Womanhood with Purpose: The Liebster Award


33 weeks

Your baby at 33 weeks according to The Daily Kick -Parents.com : Week 33: What’s Happening Now?
  • She has a sleep cycle that is becoming more predictable
  • Her strong fascination with my rib cage is actually a good thing, it means she has assumed the head down position and her feet are exploring this new area of interest.
  • Baby is about 4.5 lbs and 19.5 inches long
  • She is about the size of a medicine ball
According to The Daily Kick symptoms at 33 weeks could include....

  • Urinary leakage..........................nope
  • Pelvic pain......................................yep!
  • Shortness of breath.........................yesterday, yes!
  • Constipation and gas...........when I cheat on my gluten free diet, yes! 

Cravings: I really need to stay away from regular bread, but have had a few pieces here and there...just can't resist garlic bread! As long as I stick to gluten free pastas and flours I am good. As soon as I cheat, the symptoms begin, the bloating, gas, constipation...etc. Dulcolax has been my friend this week, having to use it once again for the second week in a row. Hopefully this week I will be able to resist the temptation! I also need to get a high fiber cereal and drink more prune juice apparently. I am also going to ask about an anti-gas relief medicine.

Dislikes: Strong smells...UGH! Everything seems to be magnified! Dealing with my toddlers potty accidents, and other gross smells have my gut churning!

Likes: Still wearing my wedding rings. I actually have to make sure they DO NOT slip off every time I wash up. You see I really needed to resize them, but since she is a honeymoon baby, I decided to wait until after her birth to resize.

Weight gain: Between 1-2 lbs.

Physically: She is a contortionist and makes my entire belly sway , move and morph into different shapes. I think I am going to give birth to a transformer...LOL...She shocks us all when she decides to stand up and do the wave randomly! Still fit almost all my maternity jeans and pants except for one pair. I still need to purchase nursing bras and shirts.

Emotionally:  Had a tear explosion yesterday, just feeling overwhelmed and they just started flowing!

Labor signs: increased braxton hicks this week along with that tight rubber band feeling that comes and goes around my hip area. Still feel like my groin muscles are bruised and have been trying to be more cautious about how I move in and out of beds and chairs.

Coming up: A Midwife apt. that I have had to reschedule three times now...Everything seems to happen right before I have to leave...potty accident, temper tantrum, etc.

Siblings: My three oldest keep exclaiming how fast this pregnancy has gone compared to my last one two years ago. I feel the same....it has flown by!

Check it off the list: Bought her Co-sleeper, well actually put it on layaway, which made me feel more ready than ever...We also finally had a friend take some maternity photos at a local park that I can not wait to see and share!

  • Car seat purchase
  • Baby shower....Dec. 1st

Highlight of the week:   Maternity photos....we had a cute little vintage Christmas theme going on and had a lot of fun posing and being silly!

Scripture speaking to me this week: Phil. 4:13...."I CAN do all things through Him who gives me strength."

Prayer requests: To not believe the voice of the enemy when everything starts to feel overwhelming and piled up.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

An Attitude of Gratitude...

For the month of November we will be focusing on the character trait of gratitude.
We will be displaying a gratitude tree with a basket or jar full of blank paper to write
down what we are grateful for every day.

We will also utilize the kids writing abilities....to write down some thoughts about gratefulness and use these as place mats for the month.

We will also have some baking in the kitchen time where each member has one ingredient to add to the recipe. 
We will talk about how just like the recipe each of us brings something to the table in our family, that is needed for 
the whole family to function or it as the recipe would be a flop.

We will take turns being thankful for one member at a time with thankful for " so and so" days! We
will lavish that person with praise, no chores, and let them choose that nights dinner, dessert, and entertainment.
They will also have a special plate of recognition to eat from.

We will also be "sheltering" three people with writing letters of encouragement. Remember snail mail?
(Thank you to Pamela at A Sheltering Tree for the inspiration.)

A military person overseas...through this website..AnyMarine.com

An only child who lives far away from extended family

A single mom really going through a tough season.

We will also be focusing on not being rude. We will be visiting many friends and family over the holidays and a refresher course is called for...those with small children can identify I am sure!

How will you aid in developing your family's attitude of gratitude this November?

Blessings and Miracles,

linking up with....
WholeHearted Home
 A Sheltering Tree

Saturday, November 3, 2012

32 weeks

Size of baby...Pineapple

How far along: 32 weeks! I feel like I cant possibly get any bigger or stretch any more. My belly feels itchy in a small area above my belly button! I use Palmers Coco butter every day, twice a day! I love all the kisses from Zoe on my belly, the rubs from Sarah, and the freak outs from Jordyn when she sees, or feels the baby move and kick!

Movement: Every night about 9:00 she starts her gymnastics, karate, dance and Kick boxing moves! I have to sleep in a semi- sitting position because of reflux, and I just cant breath any other way! She has started exploring my rib cage area...FUN FUN!

Weight Gain: about 25 pounds

Maternity Clothes: I haven't bought anything recently , although I am looking at nursing bras....They have a very pretty line at Target with matching panties! 

Best moment of my week:  My sis and I making shower plans...Christmas Baby Shower...I cant wait...we are talking about having a cookie exchange as part of it as well!

Worst moment of my week: Not being very hungry....and also having some constipation issues. I have had to use the Dulcolax a few times and feel much better when I do!

Sleep: I am getting a nap almost every day to make up for her night owl routine!

Miss Anything: Not being able to do as much as before..I do not like being idle for very long! 

Cravings: Candy!

Aversions: Whining..whining ..whining...(I should be the one whining I keep telling my two year old!)

Gender: Girl!

Belly Button: outie!

Labor Signs: I have several Braxton Hicks a day!...

Moody or Happy: Happy

Looking Forward: To my baby shower and Christmas shopping and decorating! 

Love and Blessings,
Nicole                                  Women Living Well Wednesdays

Homemaking Link Up

Better Mom Mondays

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Zoe, Faith, and Fall Festival Fun..

Well, she finally let someone paint her face!

For whatever reason Zoe has not let anyone do a face painting on her!
Not that we haven't given her many opportunities.
I do believe we went to 4 -5 Fall Carnivals in the last month,
And probably 8-9 last year.

So let me set the scene for you. She said "Mommy go first" So I did. The sweet artist made a pretty little purple and white, with black, swirly masterpiece on one side of my face, as Zoe looked on, safe in her daddy's arms.

When it was her turn, she sat in the chair, still holding tightly to dad's arm.
Our sweet artist was patient with her, as she handed her the brush, compelling her to try it out on the artists arm, or her own arm.
Zoe wanted nothing to do with that. 
She managed to sneak in a cold, wet stroke of the brush against Zoe's cheek, which was met with resistance!

She calmly explained that it was wet, and talked her into another , then another, until she was sporting a full face painting that looked like a mini- mommy one.

I was amazed at the tenacity of the artist! She would not take no for an answer, and continued to pull tricks out of her bag of persuasion.

I was reminded at how often we lose patience with ourselves or each other when learning or teaching a new concept. Or maybe even in sharing our faith.

How often have we rolled our eyes, looked to the heavens, while exclaiming silently..."Why do they just not get it?"

Yet the Word speaks to us clearly and tells us to not give up while fighting the good fight of faith , because we will see the reaping of the reward, if we just hang on...even by our teeth!

He said to compel others to the faith! What a strong word! What a strong image! I imagine a bull dog wrestling with a chew toy in a tug of war with his owner. Never letting go, even as the owner picks the dog off his feet and he dangles suspended in the air! Have you ever felt like that?