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Family pic October 2015
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Mother's Day 2014
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All Seven Flowers!
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My Inspiration
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I awoke one morning with this name on my mind. I knew God wanted me to use it for the title of this blog. I believe God clothes the flowers of the field in magnifigance yet He says how much more will He clothe us His children?

I have seen His hand on our family, yet I know we are only a part of the vast family of God. I myself cannot wait for heaven to find out all that HE has done in my fellow family of believers life. The WOW book contains true accounts of his miracles and intervention. I am blessed to be one of the editors of the 2nd edition.

I will update as the book is soon to be published as well as take any stories you would like to share.

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Sunday, November 25, 2012

35 weeks

We got our maternity photos back! They were taken at 33 weeks and I am glad we did them then. I was just round enough! Our youngest Zoe was not in the best mood but her shenanigans proved to be cute in photo form as kids are so good at doing.

 My newest read.... A Kathryn Kulman book... It is regarding the Holy Spirit as a person..There are eleven messages from her radio show. She is still so relevant and enlightening today. She has such a daughters heart!

Exercise.....  I try to walk BEFORE dinner now before the need for resting kicks in.

Health...I have sworn of coffee! I have had Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome in the past, and I can always tell when one of my adrenal glands is about to shut down. I listen to my body for I have learned it only complains if there is a true issue. I feel better and I am just resting more than usual. It feels good to know your body well enough to incorporate a little preventitive medicine when needed.

 Weight Gain.. Gain is at 20lbs

 Activity....She still has a lot of breathing room to move or she is just determined to squiggle regardless of cramped quarters.

Looking forward to this week...
Upcoming shower this Saturday!
Tradition of build a bear.....build a bear

Christmas Traditions...
This year we will be starting
money for older kids and special "dates" with their loved ones "coupons". One special gift to open Christmas Eve.
Oma's heart...Oma's Heart. We will be volunteering in the store.
25 Advent boxes under tree....Christmas In 25 Boxes . I can't wait to begin this precious activity this year.
Tradition of build a bear.....build a bear...for Baby Chloe.

Ideas for Mike.........Free printables and ideas and
Frugal gift ideas have given me lots of fuel for thought.
I had planned on getting an upgrade on phone, but the Lord said no....So I listen!

As a family..... We will be sending a card and small gift to a child we have sponsored for over a year.

Spiritual Leader Update.......Thanksgiving has been a success with devotions led by Mike with note card help. This involved dessert, notecards under our plates to write thankful thoughts about the person to our right, as well as more leaves for our tree, along with the five kernel's of corn tradition.
The pilgrims tried their seeds in the soil here in America and nothing happened. So after a bad season the Indians gave them some new seeds of corn. As a way to remember this act of kindness the pioneers began placing the kernels on their plates at feast time to remind them of Gods Love, The freedom to worship, the Indians, family, and friends. We picked up each kernel and gave thanks for five things this year that happened to make us glad!

We rearranged the bed room to better accommodate the co sleeper. It is way more functional now!
I like a little change. It is good for the soul.

Recipes tried...
Oatmeal Scotchies
Crock pot Pumpkin Bread Pudding
Enchilada recipe that I want to try is at freezer meals

I have been saying my pregnancy affirmations daily. They really help me to focus on the positive and stay grounded in the word regarding delivery. Go to my biblical pregnancy affirmations page in the tab section to see the content.

Well goodbye week 35...I have enjoyed you, but it is time to move on to 36!

Blessings and Miracles,


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  1. Oh, this post is so fun!! Your maternity photos are wonderful!! Thanks for stopping by my blog, can't wait to read more from you :)

    1. thanks for the sweet words Megan...enjoying your blog as well...

  2. You are a busy lady and about ready to pop from the look of the photos! God bless. Thanks for linking up with us at No Ordinary Blog Hop. Every blessing, Kelly

    1. yes only a matter of days now...enjoyed linking up with you ladies as well...

  3. Adorable pictures--won't be long now! Your post was so interesting and I collected some ideas right here!

    1. thank you Pamela..I am glad you found some ideas ...always a blessing...Nicole

  4. I loved seeing your pictures and missed being pregnant ;-) the clothes these days make pregnancy look a whole lot cuter!!

    Thanks for sharing and linking up over at WholeHearted Home Wednesdays this past week.

    1. I know i am going to miss some of these cute comfy shirts when i have to pack them up..always a blessing linking up with you gals...Nicole