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Family pic October 2015
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All Seven Flowers!
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I awoke one morning with this name on my mind. I knew God wanted me to use it for the title of this blog. I believe God clothes the flowers of the field in magnifigance yet He says how much more will He clothe us His children?

I have seen His hand on our family, yet I know we are only a part of the vast family of God. I myself cannot wait for heaven to find out all that HE has done in my fellow family of believers life. The WOW book contains true accounts of his miracles and intervention. I am blessed to be one of the editors of the 2nd edition.

I will update as the book is soon to be published as well as take any stories you would like to share.

I will edit and send you an updated copy of your story for your viewing and approval. The final selections for the book will be prayerfully considered.

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I am a mother to four... soon to be five beautiful kids! Writing and journaling have always been a wonderful way for me to express how I feel. Thanks to my parents who have always encouraged me. I have a passion and heart for ministry and reaching the lost and am activily pursuing accounts, miracles and stories about God and how He connects with us in our human experience. Visit my WOW book page to learn more about this.

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Monday, October 29, 2012


Are you committed to your marriage?

I mean really committed?

What does commitment mean?

What does it look like?

Do you find yourself currently caught in a paradigm..a pattern...of taking more than you give?

“There’s a difference between interest and commitment. When you’re interested in doing something, you do it only when it’s convenient. When you’re committed to something, you
accept no excuses – only results.” (Kenneth H. Blanchard)

I once heard a joke about Commitment. It compared the egg and bacon in a plate of breakfast. According to the joke, the argument went, who was more committed? The chicken or the pig, when it came to the meal?

 The chicken contributed something she had produced. The pig on the other hand had laid down his life for the meal. I would say the pig was the sold out one!

Does this sound familiar to you? It brings to mind a Sunday School story for me. Remember the one about Cain and Abel?

Cain was furious that God had liked his brothers sacrifice and did not accept his.

Trouble is...Cain's did not look very much like a sacrifice.
It was more of a contribution. What can I spare, what can I do without?
Abel knew what a sacrifice was. He offered the best he had of his flock upon the alter of sacrifice.

What makes us think our spouse is any different from God? I mean, weren't we all made in His image?
Why do we expect our spouse to be okay with receiving our leftovers, when God isn't okay with receiving our crumbs?

Next time you are tempted to skimp, or maybe hold out, on going all out for your spouse, remember the difference between the chicken and that selfless pig!


Accept no excuses...only results!
Can't you just smell those wonderful breakfast scents now?

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1 comment:

  1. I was so honored that you took the time to link up with Sharing the Shelter. Thank you.

    I had to laugh when I saw that chicken and egg. My four year old granddaughter asked me last week how baby chicks got here--right while I was fixing an egg for her to eat. I told her her daddy could probably explain it better than I could.